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2002-2007: DAPreview Europe + DAP.db CMS


From 2002 till 2007 I managed, supervised and co-authored DAPreview, a proprietorship that focused on researching the Portable Digital Media market, in which the Digital Audio Player (or ‘DAP’ in short) provided for the bulk of all activities throughout the company’s existence.

In this capacity, I kept track of the latest developments within this field, as well as assessing the existing technology at the time. This way, I was able to provide willing manufacturers with feedback, e.g. regarding their marketing strategies.

By the end of 2006, DAPreview’s website generated about 20.000 unique visits per day. In addition to news items, reviews and forums, the site’s userbase expressed the need for a search tool dedicated to finding the ideal Digital Media Player. To this end, I developed DAP.db.

DAP.db is a PHP/MySQL-based searchable database, driven by a Content Management System that was built from the ground up. The front end allowed the user to search for their ideal Media Player from a pool of about 300 devices, on a basis of dozens of criteria (all of which were easily adaptable through the DAP.db’s back end).




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2004-2005: Tweakers.net


From 2003 till 2005 I performed and wrote reviews of portable Digital Audio Players for Tweakers.net, the most popular technology website in the Netherlands. All of my articles combined amounted to over 1 million page views.




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2004-2007: Market Analyst / Product Manager


I visited many events focused on portable consumer electronics throughout the world, ranging from CeBIT 2004 (Hannover, Germany) as a field reporter for Tweakers.net, CES 2005-2007 (Las Vegas, USA) as a freelance journalist/market analyser and IFA 2007 (Berlin, Germany) as a Product Manager for Archos Benelux.




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2010-2012: Slavistics (Eastern-European studies)


In 2010, I went on to study Slavistics at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium (Bachelor/Master’s degree). From 2010-2011, I was elected Class President – and in that capacity, I attended Curriculum meetings and acted as a liaison between the students on one hand, and their teachers (and administrative staff) on the other.

To streamline this process I designed Slavistiek.be, a website where both students and teachers could read up on the latest developments within their field of expertise. The site offered, among other things, recorded lectures to those students who attended the relevant classes (as such, these items were/are only visible to certain users of the website.

During the first exam period I would provide my fellow students with certain study tools, such as a fully interactive timeline on the subject of Russian history.




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2012: KU Leuven International Office


In 2012, I designed a Content Management System for the University of Leuven (‘KUL’). The aim here was to create an event editor (to create/edit events like symposia) combined with a subscription module (which users would use to sign up for certain activities.

Unfortunately, this project – comprised of several thousands lines of PHP/MySQL code – is no longer functional. The screenshots below therefore lack the original css style sheet lay-out, as well as valid references to the original database’s contents.



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2010-current: Creative writing (incl. Bladsite)


Throughout my entire adulthood, I have been writing on a creative level. Prior to 2010, this resulted in a poetry bundle of collected works over 100 pages in size.

During 2010, I designed Bladsite.nl to streamline my writing by ways of a fully-customized version WordPress blog. Next to Dutch & English articles (mainly on the subject of writing, one of which was nominated for the Cross-University Literary Prize of 2011), Bladsite also contains my current portfolio.

In 2011, I finished another poetry bundle, which in turn ended up in a series of collected works in 2012.

In 2013, I wrote two Dutch novels, respectively called “Af” (“Done”, 340 pages) and “Een Blok Beton” (“A Block of Concrete”, 230 pages). I’m currently in the process of finding a publisher for these two works whilst working on a third, auto-biographical novel.


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