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Below, I’ll elaborate on the origin, purpose and aims of this very website, among other things. Sure enough, some random weird stuff will manage to slip in every now and then – just enjoy the ride or use the parking brake.

First off, though…

What’s up with all the Dutch gibberish?

Life’s full of choices. Some are nasty, most are irrelevant; this particular choice required some actual thinking. I’m still not sure about it all, which defines Bladsite’s core principle in a way: there’s no shame in being indecisive, only in being ashamed about it.

(That one took me three attempts to get down on paper. You see, I’m already adhering to my core principles, even though I hadn’t properly defined them until a few seconds ago.)

Anyway. Although I’m pretty comfortable writing in English, the simple fact remains that I was born a Dutchman and as such, Dutch is my native language. Seeing as how Bladsite mainly revolves around the art of writing (and everything remotely related), I’m pretty much obliged to synchronize input (brainwaves) and output (I’ll let you figure this one out for yourselves).

Compared to the Dutch language, English allows for easier short-cuts in one’s thinking process; in terms of spelling and grammar, it tends to “click” a lot better too. The one time confusion really kicked in for me personally was during English classes, in high school: learning all the rules by heart almost proved fatal then. Once I had thrown away my books and started acting on my “hunches” again, all went good (… no, really).

During the past few years, I’ve found myself thinking in English more and more often – mainly thanks to a previous “career” as a blogging person slash reviewer of thingamajigs, which helped me to dramatically improve both my vocabulary and internal dictionary. Looking back now, I’m pretty embarrassed at some of the pieces-de-resistance “en Anglais” dating from my early college years. Ah well: live and learn. Or at least adhere to the “live” part.

However, all of this made me realize that – although my scribblings are bound to be legible and somewhat understandable at this point – I’ll probably never be able to fully appreciate the subtleties of the English language as a whole. There’s a slew of random proverbs at my disposal; I know how to properly spell “ostensible” and yes, I’m aware of the difference between “it’s” and “its” as well. That’s good to know, comforting in terms of career prospects and… ultimately inadequate in order to fully exploit my linguistic capabilities for Bladsite. The little voice inside my head will always speak with a thick Dutch accent, forever reminding itself of its limitations in this regard.

That is not to say I’m incapable of writing lots of gibberish in English. Vide supra.

I’m confused now. Why is this page in English?

Confusing people is my middle name. I later had it changed to “Peter”.

Regardless of anything, I am very likely to write some posts and articles in English. Articles such as this page, for instance, which require a more down-to-earth approach than the actual prose and poetry (likely to be) found in blog posts – the latter kind of stuff is supposed to come from the heart. Translations of whatever kind of original content (in Dutch) will not be uncommon, however. To me, the benefits are twofold: a larger audience and a chance to halt the decline of my English-writing.

So, seeing as how a relatively small contingent of Americans, Brits and whatnot might end up on Bladsite for whatever reason, it makes sense to at least let them know what the site is all about in their own language. A language that is easily-understood by the majority of all Dutch-speaking folks, as an added bonus.

Next, you’ll be writing in Russian, “just in case”…

Всему свое время, друзья. I’ll probably tell you about my passion for Russia and its perfectly weird yet poetic language later on, if there’s ever going to be a “Personal life” section somewhere on Bladsite. Don’t worry, though: it’ll mostly be English from here on out.

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