… in which I repent for my visual sins

Sunbeams, partly blocked by a brick wall, with some remnants of a cobweb dangling in between. Not edited.

The gutter, seen from the floor. Obviously, the skies are a caramel-kind of brown over here (or perhaps it’s that strange filter which name I can’t recall anymore).

Headlight of formerly-mentioned BMW X3, heavily crosshatched.

“Hope springs eternal”. Small weed shooting up from underneath a car tyre. De-saturized the environment while over-saturizing the weed’s brown-green color.

“Witnie” parading with elegance in front of the X3 (sheesh, such a limited scope of subjects!). Added a light source to epmhasize her white little head, while de-saturizing most of the environment.

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  1. Design of this blog is DAMN GOOD. I like it.

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