Sing it for the children

♫ Now hear me, my children, oh children of me;
And read, yes my children – but read silently
Your father – yes, that old man – he too was once free;
And your mom was still young then, I say secretly

I used to have problems, but my friends did not know;
My mind did not make sense and my body would show
So I fell ill and stayed sick – four years in a row –
Felt like a little prick as my belly would grow

Hope was abandoned and I left to be;
I ran out of options – ’cause God, who loved me?
So I bought me a gun and a bullet or three;
Played Russian roulette all day and got lucky

Only one click away from an honourless death,
A woman came up to me and grabbed off my hat;
“I’ve waited four years for this” – that’s what she said –
Then, my finger just slipped away… and she ate some lead

So hear me, my children: you cannot exist,
Your pops had a steady hand and wouldn’t have missed
And why, oh my children, are your names on no list?
That bullet took all our lives; no need to feel quizzed ♫

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