Not a good day for Manifestos

Enough is enough. When will we start to realize that nobody, no-one and nothing c        ke us back to our core values acceptexcept for the Ones that are helplessly watching us, and our leaders and                     lse involved See note 1.
The Ones will only exceptaccept us once we bathe in rays of light, and there’                                   s this enlightenment. By following the set guidelines of The Ones, we will usher in a new d                                                         ss. So take note of this.

  1. A Base needs to be constructed around the Sacred Mount                                                          near The Blue Hills.
  2. All of the Following Names will have to be excluded                                                                       Jason, Jake, J(Y)asmine (see notes 3b and 4, the Prophecy clearly states t
  3. The River of Blood can only be entered with a                                                                                                   self-discipline & tact. Let it be known that television sets are broad              dangerou                                                                   and that these should be avoided at all costs! *
  4. Above all, avoid contact with certain news report                 ge   s t &                                                                       ttled water! **
  5. On the D y of our Departure, make sure to leave a
  6. ALL MU   BE KEPT PRIVATE AND CONCEALED FR                                                                                                                ITIES!

Remember, th     ate & place have been set.

THERE’S NO        ING BACK!!!!

Oh, and by the way – don’t worry about me going insane or having joined a Cult lately; I just like fooling around with the lay-out of posts, trying to break through the fifth wall and all that. Sometimes, a flat yet mangled piece of paper is more telling than the dozens of words written on its back.

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