Boekbespreking ‘Bloodlands’ (Timothy Snyder)

Dat Timothy Snyders ‘Bloodlands’ (NL: ‘Bloedlanden’) geen gezellige literatuur is, zou een mens uit zichzelf ook nog wel kunnen bedenken. Dat één en ander echter zelfs een doorgewinterde Interbellist en WO2-kenner als schrijver dezes nog wist te choqueren, dat klinkt al wat minder aannemelijk; maar zulks geschiedde dan toch. Ziet u, ‘Bloodlands’ is eigenlijk één […]

In Soviet Russia, stale jokes laugh at you

“Do you need any help with that?” “What?” “If you need me to lend a hand…” “No, don’t be crazy – I’ve done this a million times before.” “Okay.” I take a sip of 7Up. “Now where is that adapter?” It’s kind of awkward, but also rather amusing, this waiting for grandpa to finish setting […]

The Germany of then, The Russia of now, and their individual 21-year long build-ups towards Global Escalation

No, I couldn’t think of a more gripping or less longwinded title for this article. Every item gets the headline it deserves, I guess – and this time the cliche proverbial saying ‘it is what it is’ seems quite fitting. To put it more clearly: what you’re looking at is a (somewhat forced) comparison between […]