Listen to the Hand

Listen, you punk. You’ve been following me all day now. It’s not as if I didn’t see you, and let’s not pretend you didn’t see me seeing you. If you wanted to find out how to write perfectly straight lines in the palm of your hand, you could have just asked me right away. Now […]

The Shrug Stop

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The Shrug Stop

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Not a good day for Manifestos

Enough is enough. When will we start to realize that nobody, no-one and nothing c        ke us back to our core values acceptexcept for the Ones that are helplessly watching us, and our leaders and                     lse involved See note 1. The Ones will only exceptaccept us once we […]

10th star

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The Shrug Stop

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… in which I repent for my visual sins

After having finished yesterday’s translation of Anna Achmatova’s poem “the Echo”, I decided to perk things up a bit and insert some relatively random visuals into the mix. These pictures can be seen during the first segment of my Flash animation – only very briefly so, as the translation races on; not allowing the viewer […]

The Doodle that never became a Poodle

As a kid, I always liked drawing stuff. One of my earliest memories involves a drawing of some farm animals and a propane tank. Yes: a propane fuel tank, of the large kind no less. I probably saw one of those things near the petting zoo (mum took us there every now and then). The […]