Works in Regress

This is going to be a relatively-compact post for a change. Because sometimes, there’s just too much left to do. Strangely enough, this often results in not being done at all. I’ve got a few potential articles wandering through the grey mass upstairs; but when push comes to shove, I usually don’t feel like writing […]

Listen to the Hand

Listen, you punk. You’ve been following me all day now. It’s not as if I didn’t see you, and let’s not pretend you didn’t see me seeing you. If you wanted to find out how to write perfectly straight lines in the palm of your hand, you could have just asked me right away. Now […]

Shriek, Memory

As some of you might have already noticed, I can’t seem to stop involving Vladimir Nabokov’s “Speak, Memory” into every few paragraphs of my writing, these days. It can’t be helped, I seem to have simply stumbled upon a writer which I can heavily relate to. No, I’m not a refugee from a country torn-apart […]

The Shrug Stop

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Of Monday’s butterflies under a Sunday’s sun

Yesterday was a Monday – and yet, as though he were a confused English businessman trying differentiate numbers from letters on an outdated Russian time table hidden behind a thick layer of 50-year old glass and an even thicker layer of dust (admittedly younger than the glass itself, for how could these plushy balls of […]

September 121th (sic)

The world did change today – Why or how, I cannot say; I’m just recalling all those gruesome pictures – those portraits of pure misery, hate – and all those scientific lectures from people who can only speak, when it’s too late. A plane, a building; A plane, a building; Insane, this whole thing: All […]

Dear dream journal,

last night, I had the craziest dream. It probably has something to do with me having to go back to school in a few weeks from now. You see, I was sitting in a classroom – which reminds me, the lay-out looked very familiar. I think it reminds me of my music lessons during high […]

Book review (but not really): My Life

Title: “Mijn Leven” (Dutch title; translation: “My Life”) Author: Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov Year: 1990 Publisher: Meulenhoff Pages: +/- 850, incl. notes, occasionally decorated with photographs and technical drawings I don’t want to start this article using tired old rhetoric like “Having read Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov’s “My Life”,…” so I’ve inserted this particular prefix before getting […]

The Shrug Stop

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Sing it for the children

♫ Now hear me, my children, oh children of me; And read, yes my children – but read silently Your father – yes, that old man – he too was once free; And your mom was still young then, I say secretly I used to have problems, but my friends did not know; My mind […]