Soviet soldiers roamed these forests

This isn’t going to be a book review (despite being tagged as one – tsk, tsk), rather than a recognition of the impact books can have on our day-to-day routines. Take my daily stroll through the forest, for instance. A couple of months ago I finished “Russian Partisans” (with a sub-header reading “WW2 – Limburg”), […]

In Soviet Russia, stale jokes laugh at you

“Do you need any help with that?” “What?” “If you need me to lend a hand…” “No, don’t be crazy – I’ve done this a million times before.” “Okay.” I take a sip of 7Up. “Now where is that adapter?” It’s kind of awkward, but also rather amusing, this waiting for grandpa to finish setting […]

The Germany of then, The Russia of now, and their individual 21-year long build-ups towards Global Escalation

No, I couldn’t think of a more gripping or less longwinded title for this article. Every item gets the headline it deserves, I guess – and this time the cliche proverbial saying ‘it is what it is’ seems quite fitting. To put it more clearly: what you’re looking at is a (somewhat forced) comparison between […]

Carl Gustaf Mannerheim – Man of all of Finland’s Time

A small tribute to (one of) the Greatest Finn(s) of all time: C.G. Mannerheim. Did he live in interesting times, I’ll say. In honour of your father, the theatre is yours now, Mannerheim. So tell us – or dictate, rather – in Swedish tone or through Russian rhyme of your first fight, not played right; […]

The Talking Train

The great thing about learning a language, is experiencing those small steps of success in between more important milestones. One of those baby steps – almost quite literally – is the ability to read (parts of) a book written in a foreign language. It really doesn’t matter what type of book or Internet site you’re […]

Book review: Back to Siberia

Title: “Terug naar Siberië” (Dutch title; translation: “Back to Siberia”) Author: Martin Heylen Year: 2008 Publisher: T.T.T.I. BVBA / © Woestijnvis & Martin Heylen Pages: +/- 350, occasionally decorated with pictures Why on earth would I choose a relatively obscure book like “Back to Siberia” as the subject of my first book review on Bladsite? […]

Of Libraries and Time shortages

Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to introduce some of my latest acquisitions in public, every now and then. Despite my regular blabbering-on regarding all kinds of nothingness, there’s still some room left to discuss bits and pieces such as books and novels – stuff written by others, (to be) read by yours truly. […]

Success through Failure

I haven’t got a clue how they’re doing it. It seems as though it’s completely natural to them, those young lads and women surrounding me from every possible direction. Most of them seem to be interacting with one another in between breaths – others are scouring for possible prey, or are giving off signals that […]

Swing, swing

Funny how little effort it takes for one’s mood to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. No idea if this “spectrum” is circular in shape or perhaps an endless, ever-widening gap dividing the various sets of mankind’s emotions into strangely-familiar yet distinctive and separate bits and pieces. It doesn’t really matter, […]

Ignoring the cycle

Things have changed for me during the last week: I’m running out of time, so it would appear, whereas I used to have lots of “free time” at my disposal just two weeks ago. Then again: there’d always be the odd computer-related job here, some chores in dire need of taking care of, small fires […]