Hetgeen er gebeurd is

De tijd van herdenken is voorbij. Aangebroken is de tijd van ongemakkelijk uitstel: van het iets te willen zeggen, schrijven of aanpakken; maar ook van het er te verlegen, lui of geïntimideerd voor & door te zijn – van excuses variërend in legitimiteit gekenmerkt door één gemeenschappelijke deler: schuldbesef. ‘Uitstel’ roept bij elk fatsoenlijk mens […]


En dan komt ze terug, opnieuw in mijn dromen over een toekomst waaruit zij had moeten verdwijnen. Vanachter mijn rug voel ik haar opstomen: haar mond, een gefluit – enkele wazige lijnen. In Moskou nog wel, op een groot station dat ik nog niet eens ken; waar ik de bordjes wel al kan lezen. Dus […]

Of Monday’s butterflies under a Sunday’s sun

Yesterday was a Monday – and yet, as though he were a confused English businessman trying differentiate numbers from letters on an outdated Russian time table hidden behind a thick layer of 50-year old glass and an even thicker layer of dust (admittedly younger than the glass itself, for how could these plushy balls of […]

Pandora’s Box – Developing…

It pains me having to say this, but the last couple of days had me going mad with lack of inspiration. “Days”, that is – not “nights”. During daytime hours, chores and such would get in the way – a stroll with the dogs here, a half-hour workout there, some cooking, cleaning and tweeting (how […]

The War to Understand All Wars

What a perfectly strange Sunday I’ve had. Not that anything peculiar or spectacular happened to me, personally. It’s just that it kept raining all day long, to the point where postponing my mid-daily dog-walk made less sense with each passing hour. At half past four, I put on a rain jacket, some hiking boots and […]

Book review: Back to Siberia

Title: “Terug naar Siberië” (Dutch title; translation: “Back to Siberia”) Author: Martin Heylen Year: 2008 Publisher: T.T.T.I. BVBA / © Woestijnvis & Martin Heylen Pages: +/- 350, occasionally decorated with pictures Why on earth would I choose a relatively obscure book like “Back to Siberia” as the subject of my first book review on Bladsite? […]

In Soviet Russia, stale jokes laugh at you

“Do you need any help with that?” “What?” “If you need me to lend a hand…” “No, don’t be crazy – I’ve done this a million times before.” “Okay.” I take a sip of 7Up. “Now where is that adapter?” It’s kind of awkward, but also rather amusing, this waiting for grandpa to finish setting […]